Audiobook Review: Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

Format: digital download
Length: 15 hrs 6 min
Pub Date: July 30, 2013
Publisher: Recorded Books
Narrator: Renee Raudman

I'm kind of over the whole "Can't wait for xyz book" phase I had when I first started the blog. Don't get me wrong, I love books. I still have my favorites. But with so much overkill on the buzz factor for new books, I've developed a finely tuned filter. Meaning...I don't pay attention. I certainly don't preorder books. This year, I preordered exactly three books: Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs, Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh, and Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews. Both the Briggs and Andrews books I also purchased on audio.

When I first read that Ilona Andrews had gone with a different publisher for the new Kate Daniels audiobook, I was disappointed. I love Recorded Books, but I was attached to Renee Raudman, the narrator for the previous installments. I don't know what magic they employed, but somehow, the publisher managed to snag the same narrator to continue the series. With that news, I was on board to listen to the newest installment.

I haven't read the print version yet, but on audio...the beginning DRAGS.  There's hour after hour of preparation before anything remotely interesting happens.  Most of it is probably necessary, and it's probably less noticeable in the print or e versions, but man...I was so tempted to just fast forward.

There's a lot of emotional upheaval in this book. Lots. And very little I'm able to discuss without spoiling some major plot points. The beginning, with two sisters simultaneously going loup and their mother frantically begging Doolittle not to kill them sets the tone for the kick in the gut that follows.

As with nearly all of the previous books in this series, it will piss you off. It will make you cry. It will make you smile. And it will make you crave more stories about Kate, Curran and the rest of the Pack.

For those new to the series, I definitely would not recommend starting the series with this book.  There's some complex world building and a central relationship arc that carries over from book to book. Start with Magic Bites. You won't be disappointed.

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