Headed to RT

Despite my lack of blogging, I'm still going to the RT Booklovers Convention. It's my annual sanity break from the boys. I love them dearly, but let's face it: they're boys.

This year, the convention is being held in Dallas which I'm kind of meh about. I've been there, done that. Next year is Vegas and ditto. So I don't have to worry about any sightseeing while I'm there. I might even get to eat between sessions. (Hahahahahaha).

If you're coming, please try to find me! I usually forget to introduce myself by my blog/twitter handle. I'll be AMBER...before I remember to say my blog name a few minutes later.

The best part of these conventions is that they are made for shy, introverts, too. And if you live in BFE like I do, they give you a rare chance to truly chat face to face with other readers who like what you read. It's a powerful thing.


  1. Have fun! I'll be sticking to the sidelines of Twitter, pea green with envy.

  2. oh i am so jealous!!! Hope you have fun and meet some great people and make some good friends. I am thinking of going next year.