Review: The Fixer by HelenKay Dimon (Games People Play)

Format: ebook
Pub Date: December 27, 2016
Publisher: Avon
Length: 384 pages
POV: 3rd, past
FTC: Purchased myself

Well...I debated even doing a review of this one because I can't quite figure out how I feel about it. It was getting LOTS of buzz on Twitter, which should have been a huge warning sign for me (I'm a perpetual outlier), but I've also read and enjoyed HKD before, so... I bought it and read it. And now I can't decide how I feel. Sigh.

The whole book is just murky. I never did get a firm handle on the hero or heroine. The only real character that I clicked with was an employee of Wren's named Garrett. Everyone else just kind of existed in a bit of a fog. Unformed. The dialogue was even weirder since Wren is incapable of talking like a normal person and answers every question with another question or simply deflects. After awhile, it started to drive me completely crazy. Which is what it was supposed to do, I think? Murky.

I think my issue is that I'm a character-centric reader. I want deep characters, and I like when we really get into their heads. And this book didn't really do that. Probably to help preserve the mystique around Wren, but it meant that all we got was his enigmatic questions without straight answers. He's also extremely high handed while also being oblivious about how high handed he's being. Which wasn't "cute," despite the heroine occasionally thinking so. I dunno. I'm decidedly meh about both of them.

The mystery ebbs and flows quite nicely within the romance, though, which is something that usually isn't the case. It is interwoven in a way that feels very organic. The only drawback for me was how predictable the resolution was. Maybe I've read too many mysteries, but whodunnit was obvious from the start.

I wanted to love this one. I really did. It just didn't' work for me.

My Grade: C


He’s known only as Wren. A wealthy, dangerously secretive man, he specializes in making problems disappear. A professional fixer, Wren hides a dark past, but his privacy is shattered when Emery Finn seeks him out—and what she wants from him is very personal.

Some people disappear against their will. Emery’s job is to find them and bring closure. Wren is the only person who can help solve Emery’s own personal mystery: the long-ago disappearance of her cousin. Just tracking down the sexy, brooding Wren is difficult enough. Resisting her body’s response to him will prove completely impossible.

Anonymity is essential to Wren’s success, yet drawn by Emery’s loyalty and sensuality, he’s pulled out of the shadows. But her digging is getting noticed by the wrong people. And as the clues start to point to someone terrifyingly close, Wren will have to put his haunted past aside to protect the woman he loves.

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