Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich (Audio)

Hooray! Ms. Evanovich is back on track. The last few Plum adventures have been, well...crappy. The Between-the-numbers books being crappier than the full length ones. But THIS between-the-numbers book was fabulous.

Perhaps it's because she decided to make fun of her pseudo-paranormal plot lines. Perhaps it's because there is very little Morelli/Ranger angst. It could be, also, that Evanovich has toned down her personal schedule--focusing on rereleasing older romance titles rather than cranking out more than one or two books a year.
Although I wish I'd seen a tiny bit more of Grandma Mazur (my favorite Plum universe character), I turned off the audiobook with a smile on my face and a renewed enthusiasm for the newest full-length installment due out this summer.

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