Lady Betrayed by Nicole Byrd

Is it light hearted or merely shallow? Not all romances have tortured heroes or heroines in the style of the Bronte sisters, but should they have no real concerns at all? It seems like many authors make the mistake of making their characters a little too shallow and unconcerned. Without angst, they throw plot hurdles at their beleaguered characters and end up with a book not worth reading.

That's what happened to Ms. Byrd in Lady Betrayed. The writing isn't bad, but there is absolutely no depth to either main character. They are not fully realized, are not emotional, are not--well--interesting. The plot, itself, strains credulity as well. Sure, it's a frivilous piece of writing, but it lacks the charm and wit of other light-hearted romance writers.

It's nice to read a story where the characters aren't broken people in need of some serious therapy, but we as readers still have to believe in the reality of those characters. They have to be compelling. Or it won't matter what happens in the plot because we won't care what happens to the characters.

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