This Side of the Grave and other Frost news

I'm counting the days now until the 5th Cat and Bones book, This Side of the Grave, is released. February 22nd is the official release day!!

And since I now have my  husband completely addicted to the audio versions read by Tavia Gilbert, I checked Blackstone Audio's site. The audio version has the same release date...but I haven't found a listing for it yet on Audible. That's not so unusual, since Audible tends to do a less than stellar job of posting not-yet-released titles there. The last two books from the Night Huntress World series were on Audible on release day, so I'm crossing my fingers.

According to Jeaniene Frost's website FAQs, there are now going to be 9 Cat and Bones books instead of 7. And she has at least 2 books planned (contracted) for Vlad, with the first tentatively scheduled for release in 2012!


  1. I also share audio versions of books that I like with my husband. We've shared a lot of books and series that way. Otherwise he doesn't read for fun--he complains that it gives him eyestrain.
    If I read more urban fantasy I'd definitely check out Jeanine Frost-- from reading reviews, it seems her books have more romance than many others in that subgenre.

  2. There is a definite romantic story arc in the series. The 2nd book is probably the most romantic. And steamy!