Hump Day Movie: The Cutting Edge (1992)

February makes me think of Valentine's Day. And Valentine's Day makes me think of date movies. And date movies make me think of the very few movies that are both romantic and don't give my husband a case of the dry heaves. There are really only two movies, and The Cutting Edge is one of them. Even though it is about figure skating.

Usually, I stick with classic movies on Wednesdays (although, cripes, this movie turns 20 next year) but what the heck. This is one of those romantic comedy/drama movies that taps into a ton of stereotypes but somehow works anyway. Critics didn't love it. They didn't hate it. And I think the film found much of its audience when it went to video.

There are a few scenes that make me cringe with their cheesiness...especially the workout scenes. But the peppy banter, the underlying sweetness of the film, and DB Sweeney make this film a favorite of mine. Hubs just likes the humor. "Finger painting?" And I think he has a thing for Moira Kelly's expressive doe eyes.

For the other movie my hubs admits he likes, check back for next week's hump day movie.


  1. Aww, I loved this movie! I still remember "toe pick!"

  2. @Debbie,

    "Toepick" and "Finger painting" are two inside jokes between my husband and me. Especially around Winter Olympics time. ;)