Hump Day Classic Movie: The Princess Bride (1987)

Yes, the most quotable movie of all time is turning 24 this year.

Ok, most quotable might be an overstatement, but The Princess Bride does have some fabulously campy quotes. And in Romancelandia, this movie is considered required viewing. Right up there with Romancing the Stone.

What makes this movie so special to me is that it is one of only a handful of films where I can honestly say I liked the movie better than the book. And since William Goldman wrote both the book and the screenplay, it's not like I'm dissing one artist over another.

If nothing else, it's worth watching to see a cute, young Cary Elwes, a young Mandy Patinkin (with a Prince Valiant mullet no less,) and Robin Wright at the very beginning of her film career. It's available on DVD *and* blu-ray.


  1. I love this movie! It's one of my faves :)

  2. @Aislynn,
    I love this movie, too, but wasn't all that fond of the book. One of these days, I will buy myself an "Inconceivable!" tshirt. :)