The woods are lovely, dark and deep

Since I am suffering from earthquake hangover due to the 4.7M earthquake that woke me out of a nice, comfy snooze last night, I decided today would be the day I took a walk in the woods. There's a lovely outdoor education program up here, with equally lovely trails situated near our elementary school. I figured if kids can walk it, I can too.

So, huffing and puffing (and toting my camera) I walked up Boyle's Ravine. At least a little way.

This doesn't look too bad, right? It gets steeper. Wheeze.

The weirdness of evergreens mixing with fall foliage. 

It was really, really cold. See? I have proof.

Not sure what causes these spots (I'm guessing an unsexy fungus) but they look pretty cool hanging by their lonesome from the empty branches.

I could hear water the entire time, and finally found it towards the end of my walk.

Right when I get ready to go, the sun makes an appearance over the ridge. Could've used that earlier Mr. Sun. Brrr.

Walking back to the car, I spotted this busy little guy. He glared at me for a little bit, but wouldn't drop the acorn so that he could yell, too.

All, in all, a nice walk. I am now frozen to the bone, cannot feel my rear end, and am contemplating something warm for lunch...


  1. These pics are gorgeous!!! Love the one with the frost on the leaf!

    Lah @ LazyGirl Reads

  2. @Lah,

    Thanks! My camera did not want to focus on the frost. Can't say I blame it. So. Cold. :)